Member Services Guideline


Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing (BACCO), the solitary and central trade body for country's BPO/Outsourcing industry, is making every effort with the Government to achieve the Prime Minister's Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021 as one of the front-line soldiers from ICT Sector. Since inception, it has been making significant footsteps towards achieving the goal of making Bangladesh a Digital country into reality.

BACCO Membership Value Addition:

1. Emerge your business nation-wide and globally
2. 10% cash incentive for each export
3. Corporate Tax Exemption
4. Association with several Govt skill development program
5. Be a part of BPO Summit, an International BPO event in Bangladesh
6. Opportunity to showcase in International fairs/expos with special facilities
7. Scope for active participation in IT/ITES industry focused seminar, symposium and workshops
8. Idea and knowledge sharing opportunity with domestic and International Industry players
9. Support to involve with government agencies
10. Vehicle movement and other permission letter from government in special situations
11. Advocacy for BPO and Call center
12. Discounted Rates for IT/ITES National and International event participation
13. Participation in National and International B2B networking sessions
14. Special discounted rates for Ads and Sponsorships in different activities in print media, social media and national/international events
15. Expert opinion, advice and assistance in BPO business
16. Exposure to international organizations and trade bodies
17. Software and other IT Service Catalogue and special rates for the members
18. Opportunity to build consortium with other member organizations
19. Contribute and advise in the national policy making and other eco system
20. Affiliation with several activities promoting of young entrepreneurs
21. Access to skilled work force comes out of different skill development programs
22. Access to Finance with special rates
23. Membership Certification which will give the opportunity to access for participating in Govt/private tenders
24. Opportunity to work for different subcommittee and special projects under Executive Board

For more information, suggestions, and comments please contact: Mr. Salim Sarker of BACCO secretariat, e-mail: