Membership Details


Apart from advantages from the policy advocacy, the members get exclusive services from BACCO. These services include:

  • Various supports to members on issues with Government agencies.
  • Supports on issues with foreign clients / countries. Through its regular meetings and social gathering, BACCO members will interact and network with biggest movers of the global call center and BPO services at home an abroad.
  • Supports on participation in international call center events.
  • Exclusive participation of events, training designed for BACCO members only.
  • Discounted facility on every event or program compared to the services to non-members.
  • Moreover, BACCO is working to make its membership preferential to Government agencies on various purposes.


Membership comprises of General Member and Associate Member categories. There shall be 2 (two) categories of Membership i.e. 'General Member' and 'Associate Member' ;

Membership Enrollment Process

To enroll as a Member (General or Associate) of BACCO, please follow the following process:

  1. Fill the Membership Application Form
  2. Attach all the documents mentioned in the Checklist of Documents
    • Up to date trade license mentioning nature of business in line with the scope of membership criteria.
    • Company Tax Payer Identification (TIN) Certificate.
    • Brief Company Profile on the Company Letterhead (including human resources with organigram, list of infrastructure, area of business with product line up).
    • An attested copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association to be provided in case of companies, Partnership deed in case of partnership
    • Details of the representative, in terms of educational and professional background.
    • Photo of representative
    • Photocopy of the License from BTRC
    • Bank Certificates
    • Declaration in letter head signed by CEO / Chairman to the effect that “there is no criminal / bankruptcy in the name of directors.”
  3. Enclose the necessary pay orders:
    • One Time Annual Admission Fees- Tk. 10,000/- for General or Associate member (non-refundable)
    • Annual Subscription Fees as applicable on membership category Upon receive of payment and relevant documents BACCO Secretariat will confirm the documentation and may visit your office location and will forward this application to Membership Approval Committee for recommendation and to Executive Council for approval.

Membership certificate

Members of the association will be awarded with one year valid “Membership Certificate” after clearing the annual fees. The certificate will be renewed in each year by paying the annual fees.


Any firm or company thereof registered or incorporated in Bangladesh and conducting business in Call Center Software, Call Center Services, Hosted Call Center Service Provider, BPO and/or associated services is eligible to apply for membership provided:

  • Its main activity is the development of Call Center software and providing Call Center services or associated services;
  • It performs this activity for commercial purposes.

I. Any individual, firms, joint stock companies or associate body whether local or foreign engaged in call center operation or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the country having obtained license or permission from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (BTRC) or any other appropriate Government authority of Bangladesh shall be eligible for General Membership.

II. Any individual, firm, joint stock company or associate body engaged in Call Center operation and/or Business Process Outsourcing having obtained license from BTRC or any other appropriate government authority in Bangladesh shall be eligible for membership of the Association in their individual, conventional or corporate name subject to acceptance of following terms and conditions:

a) Activities of the member must not be detrimental to the Society and law of the land;
b) Must pay annual fee, admission fee and/or any other fee/levy etc. levied as per decision the Executive Committee in time;
c) Member should be loyal to the idealism, aims and objects of the Association;
d) Must not be involved in anti-state or anti-social activities;
e) No member shall try to utilize the services of the Association’s office unlawfully in order to fulfill his/her individual or company interest; No member shall try to interfere with the day to day activities of the Association’s Secretariat/office. However, if any one has any grievance, he/she may take it up with the President of the Association in writing who will try to resolve the issue taking the Executive Committee on board.


BACCO will review the operation of existing members to check that they are actively engaged in the business of software & services within the scope of the association every year for continuation of membership. Members are required to fill a form and return back to BACCO within January 31 every year.

Fee Structure

The current fee structure for fresh applicants for BACCO membership falls under two heads:

  • On applying to the Association every applicant will be charged a one-Time admission fee of Tk.10,000.00 for General Member or Associate Member. This amount is nonrefundable.
  • The Annual Subscription Fee is Tk. 10,000.00 for General or Associate Member.

Please note that all payments have to be made by pay order in favor of ‘Bangladesh Association for Call Center & Outsourcing’.

Membership fees may be revised at any time at General Meeting.