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Digital Innovation Fair

January 10, 2016 - January 12, 2016

Digital Innovation Fair

The vision Of “Digital Bangladesh” is unique as it proposes ICTs as a pro-poor tool. In regard to this vision, Access to Information Programme is an e-governance umbrella initiative which plans and coordinates the ongoing and future activities across various ministries and agencies of the government to utilize ICTs as a tool to make government services hassle-free, faster & cheaper, more inclusive and at citizens doorsteps.

The ‘DIGITAL PUBLIC INNOVATION FAIR’ is a step towards providing extensive citizen services to citizen. Through this fair citizens from district levels get aware of the e-services at their doorsteps. Also, they get to experience some important and regular services in-venue to understand the mechanics and advantages of these electronically transformed services.
Such services have reduced time of transaction and made the process fairly simple and transparent with most efficiency towards public satisfaction.
Some examples of such services are:

  • Publishing SSC/HSC results through SMS, electricity bill payment through mobile phone, one-stop passport delivery, downloadable government forms have reduced cost and time for the public service givers and citizens.
  • Automation of primary teacher recruitment process has increased transparency; automation has enabled the Ministry of Religious Affairs to handle over 50,000 hajjis with ease where it had great difficulty in handling 5,000 hajjis earlier.
  • The Voter/Citizen’s ID card is generating a comprehensive database of citizens that can be used for birth and death registration, marriage registration, school enrolment, vaccination, social safety net programmes, and many others.

Objectives of the Fair
Access to Information Programme has found that sharing success stories of service delivery innovations that are taking place in different organs of the government encourages the innovators and spurs further innovation in others. With this view in mind, a Digital Public Innovation Fair is being designed to showcase the best practices in public service delivery in a 3-day event open to government officials from around the country.


The objectives of the event are:

  • To encourage and promote the current best practices in public service delivery
  • To share and replicate these best practices across government organizations
  • To set a tone of healthy competition amongst the GoB ministries and agencies

Government participants benefits from learning about best practices in this respective field of service delivery and administration. Industry participants benefit from showcasing their most innovation solutions.

In collaboration with Ministry of Science & ICT and Prime Minister’s office, A2I organized the first ever-national level ‘Digital Innovation Fair’ in March 2010. After this fair, 7 divisional digital innovation fairs and 5 district innovation fairs were held under the supervision of A2I which helped to propagate awareness and demand creation for speedy and low cost service delivery at grassroots.

These fairs created general awareness among people as well as government officials; and also brought the key concepts of service delivery down to the divisional level. These series of events generated substantial enthusiasm and competition among government ministries and departments. Total 6 lac people visited these fairs.  200 e-services were presented by govt. and non govt. organizations in these fair.