We represent the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Centre industry in Bangladesh. We advocate and work with all stakeholders in this industry to create the right ecosystem; to grow this industry by 100,000+ of middle income sustainable jobs for our youths by 2021. To contribute to the achievement of our Honorable Prime Minister, Sheik Hasina's vision of Digital Bangladesh 2021.

We are guided by our 2nd Five Year Plan (2016 - 2021), all our initiatives and activities are designed to promote the long term success for the industry. Appropriate Policy, Rules and Regulations are in place for both local and international businesses.

Ensure appropriate education and training are available to create the workforce to support the growth of the industry. The industry is enjoying over 40% year on year growth of its workforce and greater diversification of its work portfolio. In the next 5 years we hope to unlock outsourcing of 20,000+ person Government to Citizen (G2C) Services and 10,000+ person Banking and Insurance Services.

BACCO actively encourage its members to recruit women and physically disable people.

We encourage entrepreneurs and generally anyone who are interested in creating meaningful sustainable jobs for our youth to start them on their future career path.

With a country whose population are getting younger every year, it is the right ingredient for success of our country.


  • To ensure fair and objective call center policies and regulations are in place
  • Advocate fair operating environment are in place from all government departments
  • To promote BPO and Contact Center services globally 
  • Make Bangladesh a major competitive offshore destination for international companies 
  • To ensure good governance is established within the industry
  • Assist in generating new sustainable employment for our industry