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  • April
  • 21, 19
  • Sunday
The Department of ICT (DoICT) of ICT Division under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technology, and Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing (BACCO) are jointly organizing the 4th BPO Summit Bangladesh 2019 between Sunday, 21st and Monday, 22nd April 2019. The theme of the BPO Summit Bangladesh 2019 is #TransformingServicesToDigital and the focus area of the Summit is: “Enhancing local market, lights-on Banks & Financial Process Outsourcing and Government Process Outsourcing services”. The domestic BPO industry in Bangladesh is thriving with 30% annual organic growth. International and domestic markets currently generate over US$300 million in revenue and is expected to grow to employ 250,000+ by 2031. The industry is witnessing an increase in activity from regional and domestic players alike, with service offerings ranging from Transactional IT-Application Maintenance and Remote IT-helpdesk, to niche services such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Imaging, Social Media Management and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR). The BPO Summit Bangladesh 2019 is going to be observed after the resounding successes of this summit in the years 2015, 2016 and 2018. Previous summits secured all possible stakeholders’ attention for our BPO industry at both national and international level. The 4th BPO Summit is planned targeting towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to help the industry to identify the key challenges that 4th industrial revolution impact on our BPO sector as well as how the industry can leverage the power of our youth. This summit is to ensure sustainable growth of BPO industry with inclusive participation and patronization from the regulators, ministries and other related govt. bodies of the country. Like before this year the Summit will be one of the largest congregations of all the relevant stakeholders under one roof to accelerate the Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021- with an aim to create employment opportunities for 100,000 youth by 2021. Policy Makers, Regulators, Entrepreneurs, Practitioners, Educationalists, and Domain Specialists from home and abroad will grace the occasion for two consecutive days and will discuss & share knowledge and experiences through 13 seminars on various relevant matters covering Youth Employment, Banking & Financial Services Outsourcing, Government Process Outsourcing, Health Care Services, Telecommunications and Rural BPO. As the rates of digital penetration rise and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) increases the demand for new skill sets, the technology is also becoming a mainstream business and skills-development tool. The growing interconnection of global actors is leading us into a new era where technology occupies a major role in organizing our lives, our jobs and our economy. The 4IR brings multiple new opportunities for policymakers to coordinate and implement policy processes, but most notably it will require the participation of everyone, something which can only be achieved through the development of strong and resilient knowledge systems. Whole nation should be hyped up to focus on the development of the industry which is the only to achieve international standard. Rural BPO is one of the few emerging sectors of employment for rural area and an attempt to combine entrepreneurship and social empowerment ensuring a better synergy between urban & rural divide. BPO industry has the potentiality to make the Rural area into Urban. Around 65 percent of Bangladesh’s populations are youth who dream to surpass the limit of the sky. Bangladesh has already fulfilled the eligibility requirements to graduate from ‘Least Developed Country’ to ‘Developing Country’ status of the UN. Singly the BPO industry has the potentiality to create job opportunity largely for the educated people in the younger age group. By eradicating unemployment at an early age, the industry helps reduce certain social tensions. Government of Bangladesh is trying harder than ever to penetrate this huge market by developing technologically skilled human resource. If we can utilize the talents by employing and engaging our youth workforce in the BPO sector and develop their capacity, it will accelerate our economic development in a much faster way resulting into achieving our goal to become a developed country by the year 2041. Bangladesh has already been identified as the ‘most preferred and privileged’ destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Availability of skilled manpower at a reasonable cost, increasing English speaking population, and attractive business environment with pragmatic government support on ICT infrastructure have been the key reasons behind this success.
  • April
  • 04, 22
  • Monday
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