I am proud of BACCO’s website for offerings towards the success of the BPO industry and in making Bangladesh as a preferred IT destination.

Bangladesh, as a recently emerging global BPO player, enters a landscape wherein highly established locations such as India and the Philippines have already proven success in their respective niches and a vast number of players in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe have also risen to become notable competitors in the BPO space. To be able to properly guide the development trajectory of Bangladesh, it is necessary that a thorough analysis of the current global landscape and the context in which it plays a role in is done.

Despite the highly competitive nature of the sector, the global services outsourcing market has seen consistent growth patterns wherein BPO, both in terms of horizontals and verticals, have grown not only in complexity but also in demand. The inception of the sector initially was driven by cost efficiency requirements, but the BPO industry has evolved to become even more crucial to corporate bottom lines– contributing to improvements in efficiency, output, and even process innovations. It is this continuous evolution (and growth) that has opened up the supply-side market for various players to enter and thrive, with each player ambitioning to establish their own niches in the vast services outsourcing landscape.

It is therefore important in this early stage of development that Bangladesh align the developmental path of its BPO sector, towards the most relevant trends in the global services outsourcing market. This way, the country may better understand the immediate opportunities it can take advantage of given its current situation. BACCO’S web site will evaluate Bangladesh’s current BPO industry, identifying closest term opportunities matched with global market trends. Further, this site will also analyze Bangladesh against its foremost competitors in the BPO market, drawing comparisons among their inherent qualities to determine potential success factors for Bangladesh as a services outsourcing destination. Lastly, this site will also outline Industry Statistics which are essential to monitor industry growth and development, and the associated institutions from which to draw these data sets from. Overall, this website is intended to serve as a general overview of potential opportunities and country competitors, laying the foundation for succeeding sections, and deliverables of the Bangladesh BPO Industry Development Strategy.

Towhid Hossain
Secretary General

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